US election: Trump and Clinton win in Northeast poll

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has scored a clean sweep of five states in the primaries for the Republican nomination, US media projected.

The billionaire businessman declared himself the “presumptive nominee” of the Republican Party in a victory speech after Tuesday’s polls, even though he is still short of required delegates.

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton won in four states; Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Trump and Clinton were expected to do well in Tuesday’s five contests, which also included Rhode Island where Democrat rival Bernie Sanders won.

Sanders’ team has sent mixed signals about his standing in the race, with one top adviser suggesting a tough night would push the Vermont senator to reassess his bid and another vowing to fight “all the way to the convention” in July.

Clinton was already looking past Sanders, barely mentioning him during recent campaign events. Instead, she deepened her attacks on Trump, casting the billionaire businessman as out of touch with Americans.

“If you want to be president of the United States, you’ve got to get familiar with the United States,” Clinton said.

“Don’t just fly that big jet in and land it and go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of.”

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies