TTU praised for 70 years of quality education delivery

The Eastern Regional Minister, Mr. Seth Kwame Acheampong, has praised the management of the Takoradi Technical University for the audacious decision to adopt Education, which encapsulates teaching, research, community service, innovation, and industrialization.

He said the University should develop programmes in emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and advanced manufacturing to prepare students for the jobs of the future and ensure that they were well-equipped to contribute to the global economy.

‘These are the things that will make ‘our TTU’ continuously visible and relevant, the Minister, an alumnus of the TTU said when he delivered the key notes address during the official launch of the 70th anniversary celebrations of the school.

It is under the theme: ’70 years of Societal Relevance; Projecting Excellences and Innovation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training.’

In addition to expanding its programmes offerings, TTU should also focus on increasing its research initiat
ives to drive innovation and contribute to national development, especially in environmental sustainability as such research areas attracted lots of grants from international organisations.

The University must also Invest in state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to support cutting-edge research in areas such as sustainable development, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship.

He noted, ‘As an alumnus, I am proud to see how far TTU has come in promoting inclusivity and providing support for students with disabilities. The establishment of the Disability Support Services Unit is a testament to the University’s commitment to ensuring that all students have equal opportunities to excel in their studies.’

He said the TTU must remain steadfast in upholding a strong commitment to excellence, ensuring that students received quality education that prepared them for success in their chosen careers; and promoting a culture of integrity, emphasizing ethical behaviour, honesty, and accountability among students,
faculty, and staff.

The University, originally established as a Technical Institute in 1954, had evolved over the years to become a Polytechnic in 1992 through a constitutional instrument and eventually a Technical University in 2016 through an act of Parliament with a rich history of providing quality technical education and practical training to students, which has helped in producing a skilled workforce that has contributed significantly to the development of Ghana.

He said since Its Polytechnic day till date, TTU has been at the forefront of promoting technological innovation and industrial growth with its graduates playing key roles in various industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, arts, hospitality, entrepreneurship, and telecommunications, contributing to the economic development of the country.

The Eastern Regional Minister said TTU had also been actively involved in community development projects, providing technical expertise and training to local communities to improve upon
their living standards and quality of life as well as a strong partnerships across the globe to promote research and development in various technical fields.

Additionally, community service must remain a core value with the Institution actively engaging the local community through projects, collaborations, and outreach initiatives.

Also, one of the conspicuous achievements of TTU, is the recognition of its alumni for their exceptional contributions in the world of work.

Mr. Acheampong added that the implementation of the Programmes Advisory Committee (PAC) systems where key players of industry work directly with various Academic Departments of the University, to provide critical advice on improving curricular, modern industrial practices and procedures and identifying appropriate inputs and logistics to improve teaching and learning that fits contemporary needs of industry was laudable.

He encouraged the TTU to continue to work tirelessly to promote hands-on learning through practical training and interns
hips, allowing students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings. This practical experience is invaluable in helping students develop the problem-solving and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in today’s dynamic and fast-paced work environment.

He urged all stakeholders of the University to do everything within their power to ensure that in the next 70 years, TTU would remain a leading institution for technical and vocational education in Ghana and beyond.

Mrs. Felicia Okai, the Western Regional Director of Education, who read the Minister of Education’s speech, alluded to the valuable contributions the university had made in the provisions of Technical and vocational education and training.

‘ For a period of seven decades, the institution has nurtured countless minds by empowering them with knowledge, skills, and fashioned characters as encapsulate in your motto: ‘Adwen, Akoma, na nsa mma mpuntu’ and the 70th anniversary of TTU, should serve as a pivotal moments in the mandate of providing
education as we confront the challenges and opportunities by technological advancement and globalization.’

She urged the University to strive to open opportunities to more students and expand the offer beyond the speech and hearing impaired.

The Director called on the alumni to contribute their quota to add to the efforts of the government in the provision of infrastructure to create an enabling environment for the use of the university.

The Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah, congratulated the University for the milestone and pledged the Regional Coordinating support to the University to create critical mindset with abilities to solve societal problems.

The 70th anniversary celebrations would have activities in Health, Sanitation, Sports, community services and engagement with industry leads among others.

Source: Ghana News Agency