Should the US increase bombing inside Pakistan?

The war in Afghanistan has now entered its 16th year, and the Taliban continues its brutal struggle for power.

For Amrullah Saleh, a vocal critic of both the Taliban and Pakistan, and a former Afghan government minister, Pakistan is largely responsible for the violence in Afghanistan and provides “sanctuaries” to the Taliban.

“If the United States intensified bombing of the sanctuaries on the other side of the Durand Line [border with Pakistan], it will show the muscle of a superpower to the Pakistanis,” says Saleh. “US is already bombing Pakistan, but not in a scale we all desire, which should be as much as they drop bombs on Afghanistan.”

In this Web Extra, Mehdi Hasan challenges former Afghan security leader Amrullah Saleh to defend his position that the United States should increase its air strikes against targets in neighbouring Pakistan.

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Source: Al Jazeera News