New direct service between Hamad and Karachi Ports launched

Hamad port welcomed the container vessel “Libra”, marking the first call of the weekly direct service between Hamad Port and Port of Karachi, Pakistan under PGS (Pakistan – Gulf service) provided by Wan Hai line in partnership with Simatech Shipping.

The new shipping line reinforces the objectives of the independence of Hamad Port by receiving containers and goods directly from its sources, within the framework of the Ministry of Transport and Communications plan aimed at strengthening Hamad Port’ status regionally and internationally. It will boost trade between Qatar and Pakistan and offer fast and secure solutions for importers and exporters from both countries with a transit time of only 6 days from Hamad Port to Karachi and 8 days in turn.

The Wan Hai and Simatech Shipping lines plan to operate two vessels of 1200 TEUs on the new route with one ship for each one. Thanks to their extensive services, which include many ports in Asia, Europe and USA, exporters and importers will be able to ship their goods regularly to and from Qatar via Karachi.

Captain Abdul Aziz al Yafei, Director of Hamad Port, said: “We are delighted to announce the inauguration of Hamad Port- Karachi new service. The new line will be an important addition to the previously launched lines, which are part of the strategy to stabilize domestic market and transform Hamad Port into a transshipment hub in the region.

“The new shipping line provides more options for customers, exporters and importers from both countries, covering a new important ports from around the world, which will play an important role in supporting trade between Qatar and its partners of the world,” added al Yafei.

He pointed out that the launch of the new line comes within the framework of a comprehensive plan aimed at eliminating the intermediate ports by 100%, adding that Mwani Qatar as the exclusive operator of the state’s commercial and touristic ports is implementing this plan in cooperation with its partners from around the globe, which will support economic diversification and contribute to Achieve Qatar National Vision 2030.

Established in 1965, Wan Hai is among the best shipping lines in the world. The company provides international container transportation services covering Ports of Mainland China, Taiwan, Kanto and Kansai areas of Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, the United States, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Ukraine and Turkey, among others. Simatech Shipping was established in 1992. It provides container services in the Gulf region, Indian Sub-Continent, Far East and East Africa.
Source: mwani