Neves Bendinha Hospital prepared to serve the country

The Neves Bendinha Specialized Hospital, which was reopened on Monday, in Luanda, will benefit the population across the country, providing benefits to users in terms of innovation and quality of healthcare provision.

The fact was expressed by the Minister of Health, Silvia Lutucuta, in statements to the press, during the reopening of the aforementioned hospital, whose ceremony was chaired by the Vice-President of the Republic, Esperança Costa.

She stressed that this action constitutes another act in the process of strengthening the National Health Service (SNS), contributing to the prevention of disease, treatment and rehabilitation of people with burns.

According to Sílvia Lutucuta, this unit will encourage research and staff training, providing equity and reducing inequalities in citizens’ access to quality and humanized healthcare.

According to the minister, all services are equipped with diagnostic means that will increase their resolution capacity, will better respond to the needs of citizens and improve the attractiveness conditions for competent health professionals.

Regarding human resources, she highlighted that the Hospital already has 439 professionals, including doctors, nurses, diagnostic and therapeutic technicians, hospital support technicians, general staff and social workers.

“We are encouraged by a strong commitment to training staff and scientific research and, to this end, we are creating synergies with similar institutions in the public and private sectors of excellence to share knowledge, so that we continue to build a system health system capable of responding to the needs of our population”, she guaranteed.

The minister stated that the sector is also committed to establishing a new management model, as well as mobilizing sources of financing that complement that of the General State Budget, with secure partnerships and, in this way, creating conditions for everyone, regardless of their stratum. Social.

According to Sílvia Lutucuta, the Executive considers it absolutely essential to continue investing in the expansion and improvement of the infrastructures of the National Health Service, thus fulfilling its aims of universality and centrality in people throughout the national territory.

“It is with this determination that we must continue identifying the problems and solving them, step by step, but in a safe way, to guarantee sustainability to what we are building and achieving.” she added.

With this work, the Hospital gains an increase of 1,500 m2 of useful area and the total installation of 93 new beds, three laboratories, an Intensive Care Unit and telemedicine. Neves Bendinha Hospital is the reference health unit in the country with the mission of offering humanized services to patients with burns.

Four new blocks were added to its old structure. All wards of the Hospital underwent structural renovation, providing greater functionality to the environments and comfort for users and service teams. The north wing of the hospital includes several sections, such as: hemotherapy; wards; dressing room; postoperative; Oxygen and medical gas plant.

The Intensive Care Unit has 13 beds, three of which are for isolation for infectious pathologies or immunocompromised patients.

The laboratory service has three rooms, two for clinical analyzes (internal and external) and one for Microbiology.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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