'Intellectuals lost their way' giving rise to social disorder: journalist Abu Sayeed Khan

“The intellectuals lost their way that led to the rise of social disorder,” Khan said in the lecture titled ‘Positives and Negatives in Society, Politics’ at the Bangla Academy in Dhaka on Saturday.

“A large number of the intellectuals are blindly pursuing positions, awards and materialistic things,” Daily Samakal Deputy Editor Khan commented.

“They have lost the words of protest and gained the skills in sycophancy. That’s why once those who showed the nation the path, today they are groping in darkness.”

However, the senior journalist and regular TV talk show panellist thinks, “the fundamental problem of the society lies in politics.”

“Politics is decaying now. Self-denying leaders and activists are cornered in the traditional political parties. Influence of former military and civil bureaucrats and neophytes in politics has increased.

“In politics, criminalisation and commercialisation have increased,” he said.

He opined that all the political parties become authoritative when they come to power. “They speak about democracy in protests on the streets, but forget this when they get the power.”

“There are lacks of democracy and good governance in the country, but the root of the problem is much deeper.

“Religion-based nationalism was defeated through the all-out Liberation War of ’71. A secular Bangladesh was established.   

“But secularism was thrown out of the Constitution four years after the independence. Now it is confined in Constitution,” Khan said.

The journalist said the path Bangladesh followed in 1971 is the path to freedom from these problems.

Professor Serajul Islam Choudhury presided over the programme.

He blamed the rise of capitalism across the world for global anarchy.

“It is evident in the Myanmar incident that how inhumane capitalism can be. People are being persecuted, forced to leave there,” he said.