Hellas: Strategis – Maritime ICT Cluster Announces Its Official Establishment at the Laskaridis Foundation

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution, the confluence of cyber physical systems that are reshaping the industrial sector. Digital transformation offers tremendous potential benefits to the Maritime industry. Digital solutions allow the shipping sector to accelerate innovation, improve processes, create value, and sustainability in the digital era.

In several discussions with industry visionaries and leaders, notably, Mr. Georgios Marinakis, Managing Director of SetelHellas, and Mr. Petros Kokkalis councilor for local economic growth and entrepreneurship at Piraeus Municipality, we identified early on the need for better coordination amongst the leading stakeholders in the regional maritime ICT sector to raise the creativity capital of the region in order to meet the challenges of the future. The idea for the creation of an innovation cluster with the focus on advanced technologies for the Digital Era in the maritime industry was first introduced during the SetelHellas Maritime Conference in April, 2015. The local stakeholders of the industry embraced instantly the idea and that led to the establishment of the Strategis – Maritime Center of Excellence in January 2016.

Mr.Gregory Yovanof, Chairman of the Board

STRATEGIS – Maritime Center of Excellence, is a non-for-profit organization with the vision to become a global Consulting and R&D center in advanced technologies, strategy and entrepreneurship for the Blue Economy & the Digital Shipping of the future.
Drawing on the global leadership of Greek Shipping, STRATEGIS aims to facilitate further development of the maritime sector in Greece augmenting its role as a key growth engine of the Greek economy, and to help establish Greece among the world’s leading powers in Blue-Growth and the Blue Economy.

Strategis plans to achieve this through its vast knowledge base in ICT and the maritime industry, based on the collective expertise of the world-leading members of the STRATEGIS – Maritime ICT cluster. Strategis’ vision is to be the flagship of a world-class Blue Economy Knowledge Hub in South-East Europe, with its center in Piraeus, Greece – a major driver of the Smart Sustainable Growth in the region.

Strategis’ primary aim as a Maritime Center of Excellence is to function as a Facilitator – Coordinator for the organized development and management of clusters of innovation with the strategic goal of creating effective integrated productive ecosystems in the shipping sector and the Blue Economy by expanding the competitive advantage of Greek shipping.
Strategis plan to marry ICT with shipping to modernize the industry and make it even more successful worldwide. We plan to achieve this through our strategic objective of consolidating shipping as a key factor of regional development, STRATEGIS focuses on:

To achieve the strategic objective of consolidating shipping and Blue Economy as a key factor of regional development, STRATEGIS focuses on:

  • Research and Development in frontier Maritime & Smart-Sea ICT Technologies;
  • Development of strategy and innovative business models for the Blue Economy;
  • Raising the region’s Creative Capital (Intellectual & Human Capital);
  • Development of infrastructures supporting smart, sustainable regional growth (smart sea, smart ship, smart port and smart city technologies);
  • International standardization activities, policies and regulations facilitating efficient collaboration of stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem.

Strategis Founding Members (from the left)
Mr. Gregory Yovanof, Managing Director of STRATEGIS maritime center of excellence, Mr. George Marinakis, Managing Director at SetelHellas,
Mr. Yannis Papaefthymiou,
Mr. Antonis Tsiboukis, Managing Director at Cisco Greece &
Mr. Ioannis Giannopoulos, Managing Director at
GMC Maritime Training Center & Services.

The main activity of Strategis focuses on the establishment, development, and management of collaborative innovation networks and commercial clusters in the shipping industry, with emphasis on the application of advanced ICT technologies in shipping.

Strategis has legally launched and is active now. The Strategis- Maritime Center of Excellence currently serves as the facilitator of the Strategis – Maritime ICT Cluster . The official announcement of the establishment of the Strategis – Maritime ICT Cluster will be on May 10th, 2017, in the context of an International Maritime Conference at the Laskaridis Foundation in Piraeus, organized by one of the founding members of the cluster, SetelHellas.

Strategis is slated to be a world-class maritime innovation hub. The Strategis cluster extends its network to representatives of all the stakeholders of the regional Maritime ICT ecosystem and includes startups, SMEs, large enterprises, academic & research organizations, innovation incubators &accelerators, financial institutions and venture capital funding groups, business & legal consulting firms, regional authorities. With its headquarters in the port of Piraeus, Greece, the Strategis-Maritime ICT Cluster is strategically positioned to act as a catalyst of smart growth for the wider SE Europe region.

The founding core of the STRATEGIC – Maritime ICT Cluster network consists of the following members:

  • Cisco Systems. Inc., Hellas – “There’s Never Been a Better Time, to make cities smarter”
  • Setel Hellas S.A. – “Unlock the Business Value of Digital Ship” an international provider of market leading ICT solutions specially designed for the maritime and offshore vertical businesses. SetelHellas is currently operating in Piraeus, Cyprus, Dubai, Singapore and Korea covering the International Shipping Industry and serving directly and through our partners more than 200 shipping companies worldwide.
  • IDE – Intracom Defense Electronics Development & Production of: Tactical Communications, Data Links and Telemetries, Information Security, Homeland Security and Hybrid Power Systems.
  • Helica Maritime – Maritime ICT
  • Municipality of Piraeus –   the port of Attica and the most important port of Greece and the East Mediterranean coast.
  • Aephoria.net & BlueGrowth – incubator aiming to inspire and help young entrepreneurs realize their innovative concepts relating to shipping, marine and freshwater resources.
  • GMC – Maritime Training Center & Services
  • Athens Information Technology – Center of Excellence for Research & Education in ICT & Management of Technological Innovation
  • NIKOLINAKOS – LARDAS & PARTNERS Law Firm: “The experts in telecommunications, technology, digital media & e-business”

Source: STRATEGIS – Maritime Center of Excellence