GAC Abu Dhabi celebrates 50 years with an optimistic eye on the future

As GAC Abu Dhabi marks five decades of operations, it has signaled continued support for the important oil & gas sector which established the Emirate as a major energy hub in the 1960s.

The company played a key role in infrastructure projects for the Emirate after the discovery and early exploration of fossil fuels within its borders. And despite the downturn in recent years, there was a new optimism being expressed when GAC Abu Dhabi marked its 50th anniversary at a reception at the Beach Rotana attended by customers, partners and colleagues from across the GAC Group.

Fredrik Nyström, Group Vice President – Middle East, says: “Throughout the ups and downs of the past 50 years, GAC Abu Dhabi has supported for the Emirate’s oil & gas sector. It continues to invest and innovate in solutions to improve efficiency and add value, and will keep a finger on the pulse of the market in order to respond to changing conditions.“

Part of the management and staff from GAC Abu Dhabi and GAC Group at the 50th anniversary celebration

Half a century after the first GAC office opened in Abu Dhabi with just a handful of staff, it has grown to a major player with more than 120 employees dedicated to providing an integrated range of shipping and logistics services. Its facilities now include: two yards and a warehouse in Mina Zayed serving the oil & gas sector; a dedicated warehouse and yard in Mussafah for a drilling company; a fleet of trucks with access to Oil Security Zones; and a shipping team supporting rigs and OSVs (Offshore Support Vessels) in Mina Zayed’s Free Port as well as Mussafah Port. Offices at the airport, Sila and Ruwais ensure smooth customs clearance and coverage, and Ship Supply Services extend to the Emirate’s western region.

Managing Director, Göran Eriksson, notes that GAC Abu Dhabi saw growth in the warehousing and servicing of oil & gas equipment during the downturn and foresees a picking up of pace in other areas as market conditions improve: “Our wide-ranging portfolio of shipping and logistics services can be tailored to our customers’ requirements, helping our customers achieve efficiency and adapt to the changing market conditions.”
Source: GAC