Four Flydubai officials fined for harassing passenger

Executive Magistrate Md Yousuf gave the verdict after a 20-hour hearing that started on Tuesday night.
The passenger, Md Ibrahim was taken on board a flight that did not have any vacant seats. He was then sent back to the airport, but Flydubai refused to take him by the next flight even after being made to wait for 10 hours.
Mag Yousuf told those officials were fined under The Consumer Rights Protection Act, 2009.
Flydubai’s Dhaka station manager Selim Mubassher, security manager Golam Rabbani and traffic officer Ferdous Alam have been fined Tk 200,000 each. Failing to pay will land the behind bars for three months.
Another traffic officer has been fined with Tk 50,000. Mag Yousuf said the accused paid the fine on the spot. According to Mag Yousuf, Flydubai officials forced Ibrahim to get off from a flight around11am on Tuesday.
 The flight captain called in an airlines official, who found there were 190 passengers against 189 seats.
Ibrahim was forced to get down after the passports of all passengers were checked. His cousin, also going to Muscat, tried to protest, but was ‘shouted down’, said Yousuf.
After 30 minutes, the flight took off with Ibrahim’s luggage. He waited almost for an hour inside a microbus and then about four hours at the immigration.
A Flydubai official named ‘Rifat’ assured him that he will be put on board on the 10pm flight, but the airline refused to take him when the time came.
The mobile court reached the spot after learning about the incident. Yousuf said airlines are bound to provide ‘remedies’ in case of ‘overbooking’.
As per policy, a ‘denied boarding passenger’ must be given ‘denied boarding compensation (DBC voucher)’ or and ‘alternative carrier’. But Flydubai did neither, said Mag Yousuf.
Flydubai had been alerted several times against alleged overbooking.
Flydubai turned back at least 2,080 passengers over the last five years. They failed to provide any evidence that a voucher had been given to any of those people, said the Magistrate.
“These 2,080 people have suffered a cumulative loss of over Tk 31million,” he added.
Ibrahim was compensated with 25 percent of the total fine.
Dubai Aviation Corporation goes under the name of Flydubai and offers low-cost flights to passengers.