Extradition request of EgyptAir hijacker made official

Egypt has formally requested the extradition of EgyptAir hijacker Seif al-Din Mohamed Mustafa following an announcement by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The request was made directly to Attorney General Costas Clerides.

The Egyptian government says the extradition is based on the fact that the hijacking started in Egypt, involves an Egyptian plane and the suspect is an Egyptian citizen. Cyprus has requested to be informed of the likely penalty the 59-year-old will face there should he be found guilty.

According to sources of Phileleftheros, a final decision will be made on whether the extradition will take place or not once a reply is received from the Egyptian authorities. An extradition will not be issued if the suspect faces capital punishment.

Mustafa is currently in police custody after being remanded for eight days earlier in the week.

The Cyprus authorities will not object to the extradition if the facts support it and it is expected that they will reply accordingly to the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior once they have all the details.

Mustafa’s extradition had been requested in statements made by the Egyptian Minister of the Interior from the onset of the hijacking in order to investigate all the possibilities as to how he managed to pass the belt without being noticed.

In any event, investigators in Cyprus will continue working on the hijacking file irrespective of the final outcome of the case. CID investigations are continuing.