Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre breakfast seminars accredited by Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department

After the successful launch of the Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre (EMAC) in November 2016, the organisation is hosting various themed maritime sessions with a number of law firms to fulfil its mandate to raise awareness in the maritime sector.

With themes ranging from cargo claims and shipbuilding disputes to bunker disputes and marine financing, each session will focus on a different area of the maritime sector relevant to the Middle East’s growing maritime industry. As well as increasing capacity in the maritime sector, the sessions will be working alongside general commercial arbitrators to improve their knowledge of the sector and increase the industry’s pool of experts.

EMAC was accredited by the Dubai Government Legal Affairs Department’s Continuing Legal Professional Development (CLPD) programme in March 2017, which aims to provide a world-class learning environment to enable legal consultants to meet the ever-evolving requirements within the legal profession.

“We are very proud to announce that our upcoming legal seminars are now accredited by the Dubai Government Legal Affairs Department’s CLPD programme. We constantly strive to bring value to the maritime legal sector and contribute to its continued growth and success. These seminars are another indication of our vision to provide excellence in maritime arbitration,” said Majid Obaid bin Bashir, Vice Chairman and Secretary General at EMAC.

Each EMAC session is accredited independently for one credit. The next seminar will be held on March 14, discussing shipbuilding disputes. This will be followed by a session on April 4 to discuss the new draft Maritime Law, a further session onMay 16 on the topic of marine financing, with a session discussing Bills of Lading disputes on September 24 and many more that will be lined up till the end of the year.

Impartial and transparent, EMAC works with organisations across the region, providing services for resolving maritime disputes in a timely manner, resulting in increased cost efficiency. EMAC’s rules are built on the most up-to-date, internationally-recognised arbitration and mediation standards – allowing for emergency and fast-track arbitration to meet market demand and address the sector’s need for fast, efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution.
Source: Zawya