DMCA celebrates Dubai Maritime Training Center’s recent achievements

The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) recently evaluated the achievements of the Dubai Maritime Training Center (DMTC) for its major accomplishments in establishing new standards for professional maritime training, which is being conducted through integrated training programs designed in collaboration with international experts in order to adapt to rapid changes regionally and internationally. With the goal of making Dubai a leading global destination for maritime training and an ideal market for leading maritime companies, the Dubai Maritime Training Center has taken advanced steps to develop manpower skills, which is a key contributor in marine development and driver of economic growth.

Captain Khamis Weld Ghumail, Director of Maritime Traffic Management, DMCA

Captain Khamis Weld Ghumail, Director of Maritime Traffic Management, DMCA said: “The Dubai Maritime Training Center has established a solid foundation for the development of a highly-skilled human resources to advance a secure, sustainable and diverse maritime community, in line with the vision and guidance of our leaders who trust that human strength is essential to building a fully-developed nation. The DMTC is instrumental in establishing the pillars of innovation, knowledge and excellence, a record achievement that pushes Dubai into top five of the world’s most competitive and attractive maritime clusters in 2017.”

The DMTC has pushed the importance of investing in the development of manpower skills in the maritime sector. It has made remarkable contributions in facilitating the adoption of latest maritime knowledge, dissemination of international best practices, and establishment of a culture of maritime safety, crisis management and emergency response. These activities are conducted in accordance with a comprehensive curriculum comprising 13 intensive workshops and a world-class training course in 2017. The center has successfully implemented 8 training workshops for crews in floating restaurants, Jet skis owners and cruise ships on practical knowledge and efficiency embodying the highest levels of maritime safety.

The DMTC provides the design and implementation of workshops and training courses following a comprehensive methodology based on a global exchange of learning and experiences, including theoretical and practical training to help achieve the desired results. DMCA is committed to provide the training centers with the latest international standards, techniques and tools, to ensure water sports players and those involved in marine operations management with the best skilled maritime personnel.

Sameera Asad, Manager, Human Resources Department, DMCA: “The rapid development that Dubai has been witnessing has compelled us to intensify our efforts to secure the future of the sector by developing highly qualified human resources which will enhance the competitiveness and increase the investments in the local maritime sector. Through the trainings and workshops, the center has proven its valuable contribution in assuring Dubai’s leadership in the international maritime map, meeting the needs of maritime stakeholders locally, regionally and globally. Our most important achievement is raising the level of maritime safety on par with global standards, following the strategic direction of our leaders to enhance the performance, efficiency and competitiveness of the maritime sector and position Dubai as a world-class maritime center.”
Source: Dubai Maritime City Authority