Chief Executive, US Officials Discuss Afghanistan Political & Security Situations

Monday November 20, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan during his visit to the US met last Friday evening with US Vice President Mike Pence at the White House in Washington.
Both sides discussed the US new strategy for Afghanistan and the country’s security situation and stressed on continued partnership between Afghanistan and the US.
Pointing to security situation of Afghanistan, the country’s chief executive said: “Now Afghanistan armed forces by giving sacrifices and lots of challenges are responsible for independently defending the country and have thwarted the Taliban’s  plans, al Qaeda and Daesh in Afghanistan.” He added that the problem of terrorist safe havens was still serious; therefore Pakistan has been continually asked to cooperate in this regard.
The US Vice President Pence while praising Afghanistan national defense and security forces for fighting terrorism, Taliban, al Qaeda and Daesh stressed on need for continued work and development in connection with necessary reforms in Afghanistan, political partnership and preparations for holding upcoming elections in the country. He considered all the respective issues as significant for Afghanistan. 
Pence said Washington was happy with the new US strategy and that there were positive results and outcomes of the new strategy. He also promised US continued commitment and support from national unity government and stability in Afghanistan.
It is determined that Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah will deliver speech on second day of Halifax International Security Forum, organized by the Halifax International Security Forum will take place from 17th to 19th Nov 2017 at The Halifax Club in Halifax, Canada.
According to deputy spokesperson to chief executive Javed Faisal, issues that are important for us are Afghanistan security, terrorism and support from terrorism ‘terrorists who are sent to Afghanistan for fighting and terrorist acts receive logistic support from outside’. We want to deliver this message to the world that our common goal is to root out terrorism – it is possible to reach this goal only if terrorists’ safe havens are targeted and destroyed beyond Afghanistan borders.
The country’s chief executive in his recent speech in a US non-government organization has said Afghanistan government was making serious effort towards fighting and putting pressure on Taliban, but at the same time Afghanistan was ready for dialogues with those interested in stopping violence and wanting peace in the country.
Afghanistan government has held talks with Taliban group for a couple of times, but there have been no results from peace talks with Taliban. Pakistani media has recently reported Taliban representatives would probably participate in informal talks with officials of Afghanistan government in one of Arabic countries.
It is wroth mentioning that the 19th Halifax International Security Forum will take place from 17th to 19th Nov 2017 in Canada and will be attended by defense ministers, military experts and officials of more than 10 countries. It is determined that Dr. Abdullah Abdullah during his visit to Canada will meet the country’s Prime Minister. In addition to visiting Canada, the country’s chief executive will meet UN General Secretary and deliver speech in UN General Assembly.
Lailuma Noori