Car bomb explodes near Somali parliament in Mogadishu

A massive car bomb exploded on Saturday near Somalia’s parliament in the capital Mogadishu, security sources have told Al Jazeera.

The loud blast, which targeted Somali security forces near Mogadishu’s Sayidka junction, was claimed by the armed group al-Shabab.

It was unclear whether there were any casualties, but a police official said it was likely a suicide attack.

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“A car bomb exploded near the area of the parliament house,” Colonel Abdiqadir Hussein told Reuters news agency.

“We suspect it is a suicide car bomb.”

Al-Shabab was pushed out of Mogadishu by the African Union peacekeeping force AMISOM in 2011 but has remained a potent threat in Somalia, launching frequent attacks aimed at overthrowing the Western-backed government.

Source: Al Jazeera News And News Agencies