Bangladesh foreign minister calls Muslim world to unite for Palestine

Speaking at the fifth extraordinary OIC Summit in Jakarta on Monday, he urged them to be united in the efforts to realise a state of Palestine.

The summit, convened at the request of Palestine, was chaired by President of Indonesia Joko Widodo, the foreign ministry said.

A number of heads of state and governments, ministers and senior officials from OIC countries attended it.

President Mahmud Abbas of Palestine delivered the opening statement on the situation in occupied Palestinian territories.

Ali condemned continued Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and its repressive policies that cause sufferings to the Palestinian people.

He expressed deep concern over the changing demographic character of Palestine and Al-Quds with the continued expansion of settlements and evictions of the Palestinians from their land and thereby purging Al-Quds of its historic Arab and Islamic character.

Ali emphasised the solidarity of the Islamic world to stop Israel from undertaking such illegal actions.

He also supported the call for convening an international peace conference to realise globally accepted ‘two state’ solution to the Palestinian problem.

The summit adopted a draft resolution and a declaration titled ‘The Jakarta Declaration on Palestine and Al Qud Al-Sharif’.