ASI suspended for shooting cable operator at Khilgaon

Khilgaon police ASI Shamim Reza was earlier taken into custody for shooting Al Amin, an 18-years-old man, who worked for a cable service operator at Khilgaon’s Nandiparha on Friday morning.

DMP Lalbagh division’s Deputy Commissioner Mofiz Uddin Ahmed confirmed the news of Reza’s suspension to

Bangshal Police OC Nure Alam Siddiq ASI Reza was on duty and said he would collect the ‘beat form’.

The incident occurred after Reza went home without informing anyone, the OC added.

According to OC Siddiq, ‘on duty’ ASIs are not allowed to leave their periphery without the approval of a relevant official by regulation.

“He left his periphery while carrying his firearm without notifying anyone. Police will take steps against him for this offence,” the OC added.

Shamim lives with his family on the fourth floor of an apartment building on Road No. 5 at Khilgaon’s Nandiparha.

The building caretaker, Gias Uddin, told he came out of his home in the morning on hearing a ruckus. He saw two men were quarrelling over bill payment.

Quoting Al Amin, Gias Uddin said Reza was a defaulter for three months and wanted to pay Tk 50 less than the actual monthly bill. Al Amin threatened to cut the connection.

At one point, Shamim slapped Amin, the caretaker recounted. “Then, Shamim opened fire.”

Al Amin was rushed to Rajarbagh Police Lines Hospital with a bullet wound in his back on Friday morning. He was later sent to Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) for better treatment.

As his wounds were not critical, he was later released from DMCH. Al Amin said, he got shot while his colleague from the cable operator dodged a bullet.

Bangshal police later detained Shamim and handed him over to Khilgaon police, said Khilgaon police OC Mainul Hossain.

Bangshal police OC Nure Alam Siddiq said Shamim’s service pistol had been seized after his detention.