March 11, 2023

Des organisations de la Société civile lancent la Charte mondiale pour la transparence des pêches lors de la conférence Our Ocean 2023

Une nouvelle feuille de route visant à faire progresser la gouvernance marine dans le monde est présentée lors du lancement de la Charte par la Coalition pour la transparence des pêches. PANAMA (VILLE), Panama, 10 mars 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  La Coalition pour la transparence des pêches (une nouvelle communauté internationale d’organisations de la société civile) a […]

At least 5,000 march ‘to stop migrant massacre’ at Cutro

– At least 5,000 people marched at the Calabrian town of Cutro, site of the February 26 migrants disaster that has killed at least 74 people including at least 30 childen, on Saturday under the banner ‘Stop The Massacre Now’ and blaming the government …

Right to change Bossi-Fini law says Fini

It is right to change the 2002 Bossi-Fini law to grant new asylum rights in the face f global changes, former foreign minister, Hose Speaker and rightwing National Alliance party leader Gianfranco Fini, one of the architects of the law, told ANSA Satu…

Shipwreck: 76th body recovered, another girl

The body of another little girl was found at Cutro in Calabria Saturday, bringing to 76 the official toll of the Sunday February 26 migrant boast disaster in the small town on the coast of the southern Italian region, with around 30 more still missing …

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